Max-StARS  Maximizing Student-Athlete Recognition & Selection 


Maximizing Student-Athlete Recognition & Selection


The Max-StARS Program


The College Selection Process: 
     By itself, today’s college selection process is often overwhelming to both students and their parents, however for the student who wants to play intercollegiate sports the level of angst is even greater -- sometimes, orders of magnitude. To the aspiring student-athlete there seems to be: 
  • an infinite amount of information available, 
  • a huge number of potential “institutions of higher learning” (almost 1,100 colleges and Universities sponsor NCAA sports), 
  • hundreds of opportunities (both academically and athletically), and 
  • dozens and dozens of factors and minute details which must be considered and controlled. 
     The “college years” require major investments in both time and money; so how can one maximize the student’s return on this experience? How can the student-athlete find the right chemistry with the school and the coaching staff while maintaining the academic, athletic, social, and extracurricular balance they personally desire? 
     Parents, are you really satisfied to spend tens of thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars to send your student-athlete to the university their best friend is attending? Is the school from which you graduated and at which you had such great experiences necessarily the best for your son or daughter? Is that local school, or “name” academic school, or prestigious athletic school the best one for them? The answers to all of these questions are, “Of course not … well, not necessarily … but maybe.” They might be the best schools for them, but don’t you think it would be worthwhile to look into finding the right-fit college or university to fit the needs, wants and desires of your son or daughter? In the end, you want your child to flourish, and that is much more likely to happen at a right-fit school. 
     With so much riding on this decision, both the student-athlete and the family can feel overwhelmed by the power and responsibility of its outcome. It is, perhaps, thus far the biggest, most important decision made by this young adult in his or her life. The decision is “tough” but, in the end, every student-athlete himself or herself needs to “own” their part in this decision. 
     Adding even more pressure, many coaches start seriously looking at athletes during the athlete’s freshman season in high school ... or even before … so it's never too early for the student-athlete to begin thinking about the selection process, to begin setting goals, to begin visiting colleges, and to begin investigating summer camps at colleges of interest. It’s never too early to get on the coach’s radar. By the beginning of their sophomore year the student-athlete should be actively corresponding with right-fit college coaches (albeit a “one-way” correspondence, at times, due to NCAA contact rules) and developing their student-athlete resumes and videos. Finally, by early in their junior year they should be actively involved in the final selection process because by the end of their junior year, or at the latest, the summer between junior and senior year, in many cases and in many sports in NCAA Divisions I and II, it’s all over … seriously, a done deal. The bottom line: the time to act is now.

What is Max-StARS ? 
     It is a philosophy, a system, and a family of services (information sessions, individual consultations, and publications) that help you with the college selection process by focusing on your needs and desires for your college experience then helping you to get there.  See the other pages on this website fr more information on each.


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